I have often heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words but for me, words and photographs weave a more powerful story together, than either can do on their own.  We live in a world that is struggling so much to find light... to live abundantly in it.  I suppose that's why I take pictures and tell stories. To wrap myself in light as I battle the ever encroaching darkness.


All you really need to know about me can be found in the words and images in these pages.  They are my truest voice.  Sharing a part of myself without losing myself is not always as easy as it sounds, but my camera and keyboard are such wonderful tools for doing that and so I continue to try.  It's my way of living abundantly (and gratefully) in the Light. 

I tend to ebb and flow like the tide these days.  I'm a very different woman in my fifties, than I was in my thirties.  I seem to spend more time inhaling life deeply as I grow older.  But I'm always ready, when the muse returns.  And I dearly love stepping back into the sunshine... and exhaling just as deeply.  

...it’s said of man that we were made in the image of the Creator. I find that symbolism striking and relevant. If our work is to be human, it’s our task as its creator to breathe life into it. Inspiration...literally “to inhale”... is everything we do to draw our deepest breath from the world around us - all that we love and admire, all that we care about and want to protect: everything that lights our fire. But it’s the act of exhaling into our work that makes it ours, that gives life and spark to what we make. Your authentic and best work will be made in your image. It will reflect you to both the world and yourself.
— David duChemin