The Images I've Painted

Isabel Wolfe is a fictional character in my head, who walks the halls of my heart. She reminds me that life is a journey, a kaleidoscope of experiences that color a life and make it exceptional. And that the most beautiful pieces of it, do not cost a dime.


The only sound was the swish of her brush lifting the paint and filling her canvas with color, and the gentle lapping of the water against the dock. A blue heron squawked in the distance and then silently flew low over the water, toward her. Slowly, the pink and blue began to dance in the foreground and a small rowboat that was anchored just a few feet out, appeared like magic out of the darkness to her right. She was lost in her own world and he sat down on the old rocker behind him to watch. She began to sing and her voice was clear and strong. He could hear every word across the water.

Have the images I've painted
So distorted who You are
That even if the world was looking
They could not see you... the real you?
Have I changed the true reflection
To fulfill my own design
Making you what I want
Not showing you for divine?
Would I miss you now if you left and closed the door
Would my flesh cry out "I don't need you anymore!”
Or would I follow you...could I be restored?
I wonder, I wonder
Will I ever learn
I wonder, would I know you, now....?
It made his heart ache.

-Roni Delmonico