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Stirring, Not Striving

Roni Delmonico

Two weeks ago I created a front row seat for myself.  I have a habit of moving furniture in my house but my bedroom is really tiny so I've never tried it there.  We have a wall of windows looking out on water and sky and when we moved the dresser to the side wall it created a little nook in the corner, just big enough for a cushioned ottoman I had been using in the living room. It makes a perfect window seat for watching the sunrise.  I really didn't realize it would become a favorite spot for everyone in the family to sit.  Funny how a small change can have a big impact. Even my kids and the dog have come to enjoy this space.  I stacked some soft pillows against the wall to lean on.  It's perfect for absorbing the sunlight and watching the clouds roll by and I can see the squirrels and chipmunks playing in the yard. It's a quiet place for contemplating the things and the people that matter to me.

This morning I was thinking about a paragraph that a new friend used on her blog's About page - 

I humbly invite you to stand still and have a bite or two with me. My kitchen is always open for those who need healing or just a good slice of warm homemade bread. It is my greatest hope that it will help you, in some small way, to spend a moment using your arms for stirring instead of for striving. - Renia, author of The Development of Taste 

I love that SO much.  It is my greatest hope that it will help you, in some small way, to spend a moment using your arms for stirring, instead of striving.  

What a cool purpose for a blog.  What a necessary important part of living... to stop with all the striving and just enjoy being for a little while.  Saturdays are good for that aren't they?  Little cushioned ottomans tucked into a corner next to a window where the sunlight comes in are, too. I'm sitting here filled with memories of stirring in the kitchen with my grandmother when I was a little girl and it was my turn to have a sleepover at her house. Nothing at all was expected of me on a Saturday morning but to spend time with her doing something fun. Later... beautiful memories with my own children stirring, mixing, pouring... getting covered with more of the ingredients on their clothing than what went into the bowl.  

If you look the word stir up, it can mean so many different things.  Right now, not a soul in my house has even begun to stir.  But my soul feels a stir of hope for a day filled with beauty when they do.  As I look out my window, the leaves stir softly on a gentle breeze.  My oldest son's new activities have created quite a stir in our home.  And how that does stir my heart with a sigh. Stirring is all about being. Full of hope, full of emotion, full of feeling, full of life experiences.

I think today I'll dispense with all the striving... and just stir.:)