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Hopping From Paradise to Paradise:)

Roni Delmonico

Waldorf Astoria, Orlando Bonnet Creek, view from Room 507

We’re just back from vacation and had a long talk with our son about how beautiful it was. He said, “Mom… my friend Sarah said, It’s so cool that your parents just hop from Paradise to Paradise.”

What a lovely way of putting it.

Breathing deep again. Spring is nearly here. Blue skies, sparkly water, warm sunshine, big white puffy clouds. Paradise.

Behold, All Things Have Become New

Roni Delmonico

Isn't it beautiful, the way spring whispers in so gently after the bitter harsh attitude of winter? It's been a quiet season for me... one in which I have kept my own company most of the time, and watched hopefully every day, as my piece of earth took her sweet time waking up.  How she smiled at me when she did, though.  A slow, lazy, rested smile. Yesterday, I stood on this spot and took a deep breath, stretching and letting it out with a trembly sigh as I looked out over my own backyard.  The tears came... and I just let them.  Tears of renewal....they came for so many reasons, and washed over this heart like the rain falling softly outside my window right now.  I closed my eyes then, briefly, and remembered another spring, five years ago, when Jim and I used to sneak over here and stand on that shoreline and wish it was ours.  It was a tangled mess of overgrown weeds and untended gardens back then.  All anyone saw, was how much work it would be. But we didn't see it that way.  We saw it like this. Big, and bright, and peaceful... filled with the laughter of our boys and the antics of our little dog.  We always saw what it could be.  I love this place. It demands much of us, and we are coming to understand how deeply that should be appreciated.  I spent hours out there tending to it in the last two days and I realized how good it is for my body, mind and spirit.  My willow tree is nearly ready to burst out in leaves, leading the maple and the oaks by at least a week, I think.  We cut down the dead fall of this harsh winter and burned it beside the river.  As I tended the fire, I sat alone on my bench watching the geese fly low over the water and determined that I might do the same - burn the deadfall and watch as the ashes turn to embers and then cool and gently drift away on the wind.  Behold... old things are passed away.  Behold, all things have become new...


Roni Delmonico

As a flower photographer, I developed a style early on where one small area of the photograph is in sharp focus and the rest of the image is very soft.. almost dreamlike.  It started with my love for any and all kinds of bokeh and later developed into my own distinct style that eventually became my signature and the way most people identified images that were uniquely mine. I have often heard it said, that the best way to create a niche for yourself, in whatever you do.. is to develop a style that does not even need to carry your signature, because your stamp is so clearly on it that it is recognizable as yours immediately.  I think of Georgia O'Keeffe, Anne Geddes, Ansel Adams, Vincent van Gogh, Steve Jobs..  It's easy to recognize their imprint.  They left a mark that was distinctly their own.

I was thinking about that today.. pondering how my own style has developed over time, and why.. and I realized that in many ways, the way I create is a direct extension of my own personality and inner core.  I do tend to live my life like this... focusing very tightly on one or two details and letting the rest become somewhat soft and blurry.  That is often a good thing; I can completely focus with dedication for long periods of time on a project I am working on.. and sometimes it's really not, like when I neglect everything else around me to accomplish my own agenda.  

I finally got around to watching Jobs about a week ago and thought.. hmm.  He did a lot of wildly creative things while he was alive, but he also did some incredibly hurtful, awful things too.  The good doesn't cancel out the bad, by any means and I think he realized this at several key points in his life.. most especially when he was nearing the end.  Did it matter then that he made a ding in the universe? When he left this life and moved on to whatever came next for him.. did that Apple he dreamed up as a 20 something year old kid, really matter to him?  Or were the things on his mind then, of a far more personal nature? 

I've reigned in my idea of the universe quite a bit in the past year.  Because when it comes right down to it, the one I want to affect, is far smaller and more personal to me than I originally envisioned when I set out on this creative journey.  And it takes a lot more focused energy to take care of it... than I ever imagined.