Meditating With Smiles, Embracing the Laughter

The sun goes down over Lake Ontario on February 15, 2014

Sunset on Lake Ontario on a beautiful February evening is impossible to describe.  This year, the lake is frozen as far as the eye can see.  On this night, we stood with our neighbors in awe as the sun melted into the snowy, cold horizon.  It was just so gorgeous.  So many moods in such soft shades. Like me.:)

At home on the Seneca River, my bench underneath the willow tree waits for me.  We planted that tree five years ago when it was barely more than a stick coming out of the ground.  It grew so fast and I love it, because when I sit there, the long branches blow in the breeze, caressing my face and neck like an old favorite pet.  I'm always reaching up to touch them and it's a wonderful feeling I look forward to in the spring.  It's coming.. I feel it. Everyone in my family knows if they can't find me, I'm likely down there, shooting wildlife, water skiers, boats, kids playing.  The wonderful thing about seasons that change, is the memory of those things, and the very certain knowledge that they are returning.  I love living on the water.  The changes seem so much more dramatic.    

Seneca River, Baldwinsville, New York

Can I tell you that the scenes above are a lot more cheerful to contemplate on the outside, when you are warming your heart to a different one on the inside? Such are the preoccupations of a Disney Dreamer... learning to meditate with smiles and embrace the laughter in all seasons.  So tell me... what is it you are meditating on?  Does it make you smile?  How will you embrace the laughter today?

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.
— Proverbs 17:22

Disney Magic, docked at Castaway Cay

Serenity Bay, adults only beach on Disney's private island, Castaway Cay

Sometimes when the sun goes down
Shadows fall across this little town
And I close my eyes and I drift away
to another place in another time
When the world was ours and she was mine

I dream of holding her again someday
On the coast of somewhere beautiful

Shes on a coast somewhere beautiful
Runnin with my heart...