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Memories and Kindness Remain

Roni Delmonico

As the mother of three teenage sons, it isn't very often that I get to do many girlie things. Usually we watch movies where things are getting blown to pieces and we play video games where cars are racing around tracks (or in my case.. smashing into walls).  We eat meat and talk loud and joke about "guy" things and I am always laughing and physically tired at the end of a day. I grew up with lots of brothers so it's a world I know and feel most comfortable with.  It's an even bigger blessing being the mother of boys, than it was being a sister to them... especially mine.  

But once in awhile, I get to do something really special with the women in my extended family and I can imagine what it's like to be the mother of a daughter. I think I would have liked that. I'm working on a photography project for my sister in law and going through the photographs I took that day, I found myself lingering over one of them.  The day was really so special.  That lovely woman up there is my mother in law. She's such a classy, strong, beautiful woman.  I've known her since 1986 and I've grown to deeply respect her over the last three decades of my life.  We had her daughter's bridal shower out in my backyard and I had spent weeks going to second hand stores and gathering up all the china teacups I could find, to make these special little favors for the women to take home with them. Everything was tinged with pink because that is her favorite color and I was in my girlie glory.:) We ended up with a perfect sunny day and my hydrangeas were in full bloom all around the tent.  I've been out there in the garden a lot lately and these beautiful memories wash over me in sounds, scents, and vivid mental pictures I've stored up in my heart.  Recalling them now is a way of being kind to myself, I suppose.  Many gifts went home with her that day, but the memories remain with me... forever.

A Sign..

Roni Delmonico

May spills color on me playfully, singing.. "Summer is coming, summer is coming!"  And all I can do is laugh out loud and bathe in it, letting it paint my very soul.   - Roni Delmonico

I heard the best quote yesterday on NPR.  It said...

Laughter is the sign that you are not defeated.

Check. :)

Your Ultimate Power

Roni Delmonico

I'm kinda nuts about the gift of one flower.  I think it originated in the grubby little hands of my oldest son, who always seemed to delight in pulling them out one at a time, with the hairy roots dropping clods of dirt on my floor as he presented his gift with an innocent smile. Eventually, I taught him that those flowers are best left in the ground where they can continue to flourish, but his heart was in such a sweet place, and I chose my words carefully so I wouldn't crush that spirit of giving in him. To this day, he knows how to give the simplest gifts, with the most profound impact. When I am practicing visualization, imagining the best in myself and in those around me, I often end up surrounded by flowers and my children. Beauty and innocence. Kind intentions and simplicity.  I believe firmly in the power of simple words. Words can heal.  Words can tear down and destroy.  Words will repair or words will unhinge. Never, ever is this more true, then when you are alone, when no one else is in the room... and you are using them on yourself.  If I could give you one gift this weekend, if I could give myself one too... it would be this: words of love, words of healing, kindness, joy, faith, peace, patience, gentleness, self control, forgiveness, and hope... for yourself most of all.  And you know what?.. I can.

So I do.  

Choose them wisely.

The Small Things That Are Bliss

Roni Delmonico

My recipe for the perfect breakfast.:)

A pinch or two of birdsong.  (Red and yellow will banish the blues).

A few dandelion greens (good for reducing inflammation, especially if you lay down and roll around in them with your dog.)

A smile and a wave and a really really good dream come true...

Some fresh caught fish and a handful of diamonds to decorate the table.

A rocking chair.  (An old blue chair is best, but black will do in a pinch).

And some friends that know how to sing.:)

So I lift up my hands now
And I open my heart
And my gratitude goes out
To everything near and far

All that I am
All that I see
All that I've been 
And all that I'll ever be
Is a blessing
Its so amazing
And I’m grateful for it all.

More Delight, Than Fifty Common Years

Roni Delmonico

I held my arms out to him without a word and wrapped his silence around me, carefully smoothing the folds that were closest to my heart.  And when he left, I dried each tear with the edge of my own silence... until there was only music. - Isabel

Thank you for reminding me, John {Keats}...   How I love your romantic heart.

Through The Lens Of My Heart

Roni Delmonico

This morning I sit here at the table and the sun has laid down a million diamonds for me on the water. I feel life breathing back to my spirit.  Slowly.  I had the camera out yesterday and I took the opportunity to photograph my son's orchids which are thriving beautifully in spite of the chill. I love these flowers so much, not only because they're so pretty, but because they mean so much to him and because it is a joyful thing to watch him care for them so faithfully.  I thought of him in the quiet, while I was working. He has always marched to the beat of his own drum and makes no apologies for it.  I love that about him.  When I photograph his orchids, I work really hard to represent that.  To see them differently.. to see everything differently.. the way he does.  I read a quote recently that said... 

The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself.

I think he does a really good job of that.

I have been searching a great deal lately. Searching for where to belong, how to belong, to whom I belong, in what work I belong.  But the truth is... I'm pretty weary of that search and kind of feeling like I just want to sit down by that sparkly water again, and belong to myself.  I want to spend more time listening to music and talking to people I love and less time here.. staring at a computer or iPhone screen.  I want to get out there and see the places I love again and hear the waves and marvel at the stars from my bed and share a sunrise with my husband taken in from the summit of a volcano.  I want to stare into the soul of a flower and say, "Hello you:)" once in awhile, without a camera anywhere near me.  In fact... I am seriously considering painting a whole lot more with my words and a whole lot less with pixels this year. Four years I've been chasing this wind.  I think it's really time to lay it all down and bask in it. Let it move me, surround me, ruffle my hair, fill my lungs, caress my skin.

I've long sought to see with my heart through the lens of my camera.  I think this year, I'd like to see my life through the lens of my heart.