Into The Deep

When you live on a waterway, every day is a new opportunity to see something special. They must have opened the lock today, because I had the pleasure of watching three yachts and two sailboats, glide right past me this morning, while I enjoyed my coffee down at the river's edge.  This one made me smile... its cheerful Canadian flag waving gently in the breeze. When it sailed by me, I turned to look for its name.  Petronella.. from Toronto.  I hear Toronto is a must... so I allowed myself the visual indulgence of hopping aboard and sailing there, visiting that beautiful city and the people who love her... and then sailing home.


Well it's not far back to sanity, at least it's not for me

And if the wind is right you can sail away and find serenity

Oh, the canvas can do miracles, just you wait and see
Believe me.

It's been a wonderful month.  I posted something every day for four straight weeks and it was something I needed to do for myself... if only to prove I still could.  I've made some really positive changes in my life of late, and I've done a lot of letting go.  There is still more of that to do but I'm on my way and it feels really good.  Last night, I opened my hand and allowed something I've been clinging to for way too long to slip through my fingers softly and into the deep deep blue.  I watched it sparkle until it disappeared, and I realized in a moment of crystal clarity, that I'm okay with letting it go.  I wish you all the most beautiful smooth summer sailing and I look forward to sharing more with you as we progress through this... my favorite season.