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Your Ultimate Power

Roni Delmonico

I'm kinda nuts about the gift of one flower.  I think it originated in the grubby little hands of my oldest son, who always seemed to delight in pulling them out one at a time, with the hairy roots dropping clods of dirt on my floor as he presented his gift with an innocent smile. Eventually, I taught him that those flowers are best left in the ground where they can continue to flourish, but his heart was in such a sweet place, and I chose my words carefully so I wouldn't crush that spirit of giving in him. To this day, he knows how to give the simplest gifts, with the most profound impact. When I am practicing visualization, imagining the best in myself and in those around me, I often end up surrounded by flowers and my children. Beauty and innocence. Kind intentions and simplicity.  I believe firmly in the power of simple words. Words can heal.  Words can tear down and destroy.  Words will repair or words will unhinge. Never, ever is this more true, then when you are alone, when no one else is in the room... and you are using them on yourself.  If I could give you one gift this weekend, if I could give myself one too... it would be this: words of love, words of healing, kindness, joy, faith, peace, patience, gentleness, self control, forgiveness, and hope... for yourself most of all.  And you know what?.. I can.

So I do.  

Choose them wisely.