Sometimes Late At Night

Working late tonight and grateful to have some help.:) We're getting better at this as time goes on... I have a keener eye for what frame will look best with what image. Jim's really quick with a mat cutter.

I've learned that clients get easily overwhelmed if you offer too many choices so it's best to narrow it down to two or three great options and then offer suggestions but stand back and let them make their own decisions without influencing them. We all have beautiful ways of seeing the world and framing it in a way that is pleasing to our own eye.

I've nearly given up so many times. But when I look back at how far I have come, and how many lessons I have learned, I feel a wonderful sense of community with those who value my artwork and have chosen to purchase it over the years. They've taught me much. Not just about work, but about my own heart and mind. I'm still learning. I guess I always will be.

Often, looking at a print alone just feels like something is missing. I guess I look at it in kind of the same way I think that our spirits need a body to house them in. Frames are like real estate. Art tumbles out of me, lands in its own body (frame) and ultimately lives on in someone's home or office, where hopefully, there will be a pause, a lingering, a connection, and quiet contemplation. How cool is that?

It all comes together eventually. Body, soul, spirit. I love it.