Only For A Moment / by Roni Delmonico

Hangin' with one of my very best friends in all the world as the last of the day's light fades away. Got a big ol' pot of super spicy chili bubbling on the stove and a whole lot of thankfulness in my heart. What a difference a year makes. Truly. And in another year, he'll have already begun his freshman year of college. I'm making the most of every moment with him now, before he flies too.

His beautiful senior portraits came in last night, thanks to my sweet friend Alice Patterson, who I have the utmost respect and appreciation for.  I'm really delighted with them and for the first time in a long time, I saw him smile at photos of himself.  I pored over every one, long after he went to bed, with more than a few tears. My heart does walk outside my body in the flesh and when someone captures the true spirit of him, it makes me want to gather it back in quickly for just a little while longer.

It was only for a moment he was mine to hold. x

©Alice G. Patterson Photography