Millennial Snowflakes

In an article for Outdoor Photography magazine, Canada in winter 2012, my snowflake photography hero, Don Komarechka said this: "We've all been here: rushing out the door in the morning only to find your car buried under a foot or more of snow. The one thing standing between you and being on time is an unexpected date with a scraper and a brush. Covered in snow and somewhat surly from the experience, you head out hoping Mother Nature will take pity on you. Me? I cancel my appointments. It's time to hunt for snowflakes."  

I'm kinda thinking if I was a Millennial... I might not object so much to being called a snowflake. hahahahaaha

Within the stillness, the silence, and the bitter cold... I am reminded that the universe is such an extraordinary place. That beauty and gratefulness will occur, even when you're fighting against it. (Don't fight against it, Roni...)