Still / by Roni Delmonico

What your house looks like on the outside will never matter at all, if the ones living inside it don’t fill it with love. When I married him thirty years ago, we didn’t have any idea how much work that would take or the cliffs we’d both scale and fall off of. I’m amazed every day….

This photograph is in the very first set I ever took with my little Canon XSi. The way he looked at me turned my heart inside out. It’s a precious thing to me, having captured that moment in time.

The foundation of any home is love. Build on that… and it will be beautiful, no matter the scars, the cracks, the things forgotten, the broken promises, the scratches, the tearing at the seams, the taking away and the adding on and the inevitable passage of time.

I’ve never met a thing he can’t fix. Not even me.