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My Lens

It Was There In His Too

Roni Delmonico

I finally got my camera out again. And that novel I've been working on forever and a day. Jack and Isabel have lived in my head for so long, they feel like a part of me. It seems like they sleep when the weather is nice, and come back out when fall returns. There is a certain kind of rhythm and poetry in that for me. If you have no idea what I'm talking about... it's really ok. You don't have to know everything. Just live in the moment with me. Just this one. We're planting smiles...


There is peace in living in the present… in relishing and respecting everything for exactly what it is in a single moment, without smothering it in what came before or forcing it too early by willing the future to come sooner than it is meant to. Isabel thought about all these things as she planted her lavender in the woods, patting the dirt gently around each sprig and sprinkling it with her watering can. Only a few of them would survive. But it might only be a few that were needed. Most people would think she was nuts, but she loved the idea of someone walking along and stumbling over a beautiful surprise that was unlikely to be there without a little help. She thought of it like planting future smiles.

Jack was sitting beside her with a piece of grass in his mouth again. She didn’t think it was weird anymore. She would think it was weird if he didn’t do that. He lay back and stared up through the trees without a word. It’s a gift when the silence between two people is so comfortable.

The sky was a gorgeous shade of blue and there was a song in her heart.
It was there in his too.