I Still Believe


It is not enough to shout out and stubbornly cling to our position. It solves nothing. Nothing changes. It isn't enough to tell a story, to seek justice without forgiveness and mercy. Nothing changes. It solves nothing.

It's not enough to stand on one side of a dividing line, refusing to budge. It isn't enough.

My oldest son was still inside of me when the Rwandan genocide began. By the time he was born in August of 1994, 1 million people had been slaughtered in a tiny country no bigger than the size of Maryland. In 3 months... more people died than Hitler killed in a year and a half in Nazi Germany.

We wonder how these things can ever happen. We think they can never happen to us. But to be honest... I never thought I'd ever see half of what I am seeing in our country today.

There is another way. A better way. It doesn't consider who is right and who is wrong. Because, maybe... just maybe.. we all are.

"One thing I have learned, is that when you hurt another person, you hurt yourself... in one way or another."

I still believe, deep down in my heart... that people are good at heart. - Anne Frank