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My Lens

From Conception to Birth

Roni Delmonico

One of the most rewarding aspects for me, of creating art with a camera, is putting it all together from the moment I click the shutter until I enclose it permanently in its frame and get it ready it to hang on a wall somewhere. I tried so many different things over the years, and in the end, I found it was really important to have a hand in every single aspect of the process from beginning to end. I own it from conception to birth.:) They are my babies, in a way. Little bits of my heart I share with the world.

Each one begins as a beautiful moment in my life, or the lives of others who touch mine, frozen by the click of a shutter. What a privilege that is! It then progresses to the digital darkroom where I apply my own unique vision to it with a number of tools I have learned to use after a great deal of trial and error and hours upon hours of practice, usually while listening to music I associate with what I'm looking at. It then gets cloaked in a mat that compliments both the color of the room and the print, and finally is housed in a frame. That frame, I have learned... will either make or break your artwork, very quickly. It's quite often the most expensive part of the job and should be chosen with the utmost care.

I finished this one today and it made me smile. The centerpiece was a thoughtful gift from someone I love... just before the holidays last year. I hope your holidays are filled with such warmth and kindness.