Finding Heaven

About a third of the way up Mt. Haleakala on the island of Maui, is a little cottage overlooking the ocean and the West Maui Mountains. In the evening, when the sun begins to go down, the water glows in a way that's impossible to describe. You just have to be there.

It is surrounded by fruit trees and lemons the size of grapefruit. The hibiscus and ginger are fragrant all around you and the air is soft and sweet. Time slows down as you meander down windy roads lined with eucalyptus trees, wander down to breakfast at Grandma's Coffee House for the best Eggs Benedict anywhere on the planet, or wave to Oprah who lives just up the lane.
There are places representative of heaven to me. Places of the heart. Places deep in the soul. It's soooo good to share them with you. Maybe you'll find your way into my heaven someday. Maybe I'll take you with me.