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My Lens


Roni Delmonico

I have made some wonderful friendships on social media and they mean a great deal to me. Last week, I received the sweetest gift from two of them... these beautiful seashells they collected for me themselves in Hawaii because I had admired an ornament Kalae saw at a market on Molokai. His beautiful girl, Jenn had the idea to make one personally, just for me. I love it so much, I bought a little stand for it so I can keep it out all year long. I find these small gestures of love and kindness so much more meaningful than grand ones. This gift is now one of my most precious possessions. (I fully confess to stealing their photograph off Instagram but I really don't think they'll mind.

Photography has been such a connector in my life. I've met many of you in person over the past 9 years and I'd like to meet more of you. I will be able to meet these two on my next trip to Molokai. Kalae plays the ukelele beautifully and they promised me a fireside singalong. How cool is that?

Social media can be good if we let it be. I lost that for awhile, but people like Kalae and Jenn are restoring my faith. I would never have met them without it. He works at my favorite place to stay on Molokai and it's possible that my last two times there, we walked right by each other. He was raised in Haleiwa on the North Shore, Oahu... one of my favorite haunts. Jenn's grandfather owns a condo just a few steps down the beach from my favorite little vacation home in Punalu'u, also on Oahu. She stays there often but her heart is on Molokai, a lot like mine. They know all my most special places in Hawaii, far more intimately than I do and they remind me of my ohana, very much. I can't wait to go back and hug them in person.