Chicken Soup and Mickey Mouse / by Roni Delmonico

Rough day in the Delmonico house... Jim came home with a good dent in the car after a run in with a family of deer on his way home from work. It's so murky out there it was hard to see the road. But he is safe, the deer is ok and there's only a dent in the front fender. Nothing that can't be fixed in time.

Thankful tonight for a warm and cozy house, a big steaming pot of chicken noodle soup dumped into Mickey Mouse mugs (everything tastes better in a Mickey Mouse mug.) and for family who sends me sweet notes about "Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy" who made everything better Once Upon a Time in a land far far away. Funny, the first image I ever sold via Getty Images, was a simple bowl of homemade chicken soup. Guess we all do love our comfort foods. (and comfort stories)

It's pretty rare that they both go down for the count at the same time. 102 degree fevers, aches, chills, sore throats. Poor guys. Even teenagers still need their mama sometimes... and I remember them this way most, when they do.  Chicken noodle soup and a Lord of the Rings marathon is in order, I think. 

Even on tough days... Mickey Mouse and chicken soup still make everything alright in the end.