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Toby Trouble

Roni Delmonico

Things don’t always work out the way you plan them. Sometimes, they work out even better. I thought I was bringing pretty little Lilly into our home. But when this surprising, adorable, gentle, loving, dirty, disheveled, dirt milling, grass munching, human chewing, crazy, joyful, energetic, fun seeking ball of Havanese fur jumped out of nowhere into my heart 5 weeks ago, I was wise enough at this point in my life, to pay attention. I am SO glad I listened to my gut.

How I love him. These last few weeks have been full of happiness for me. His name is Mr. Tobias Tarley Tumnus the third. My boys named him for all their favorite characters in tv and movies.;-) But to me… he’s just Toby. And I am head over heels in love with his exuberance, his puppy kisses, his ability to turn grown men and small girls into little pools of mush in equal measure. He loves kids at the park, and the shot wielding vet equally and unconditionally. He’s tough as nails and tender as a baby lamb. And this boy can RUN.

He’s definitely the “boss dog.”

Good boy, Toby.:) Thank you for blazing straight back into my heart.