Best. Day. Ever.

©Alice G. Patterson Photography

©Alice G. Patterson Photography

So here's the thing. I'm a PHOTOGRAPHER, not a BAKER. And here is my argument. This totally FROM SCRATCH because it IS his one and only 18th birthday, after all is MOIST AND DELICIOUS. SO moist and delicious that it stuck to the cooling rack and flat out refused to let go. As to the second layer, well... that one tried to bite me when I pried it from the rack and so I karate chopped it. Just once. And maybe a few more slaps for good measure.
But I'm really really REALLY good at being his mom and he is so good at being my son.:) He knew just how to handle this, when I texted him. He tried really hard not to laugh and then just gave up. We can just eat it in chunks and dip it in the frosting, mom...
And so it is that Brad Paisley is singin' in my kitchen and my son is on his way home to me on the school bus laughing his head off.:)
I live for little moments like that.....

I am reminded of a very beautiful post written by a sweet girl who is wise beyond her years. I shared it many months ago when she first wrote it and it moved me to tears. How funny, that it should come up again today. If you didn't happen to see it, you can still find it here: 

"He took all my broken bits, (old and new, big and small, sharp and dull), carefully glued them together with the grace that only sticks to imperfections, and then made something beautiful. He made something new. 

My Lord made a mosaic out of me. 

So maybe healing doesn’t mean we become as if we were never broken. Maybe healing means He makes our brokenness beautiful. He makes us into a testimony. And like a mosaic, we are being made more beautiful with every broken piece."

I so love birthdays. Another year to love. Another year to heal. Another year to glue the pieces back together into something beautiful and wonderful and happy. Happy.:)

Happy. It all comes out ok in the end.