At The Close of the Day

Hawaiians make it a point to do something at the end of each day that I have always cherished. They gather... and they pause at the closing of the day. I think the show the skies so often put on really makes it pretty futile to resist.

Tonight, I did the same. I paused out on the deck and I watched as the sun slipped below the horizon across the river and painted multiple shades of gold, blue, pink, lavender, orange, and gray on the surface of the water and lit up the clouds with breathtaking beauty. I didn’t bring a camera with me this time. But I remembered a time and a place where I did; where I watched breathless until the night grew dark enough to see the stars with so much clarity it made me feel as if I could reach out and gather a handful of them and sprinkle them across a world that really needs a little magic again. I do. I need a sprinkling of stars.

All I have is words and sometimes, pictures. A touch of magic at the close of the day. A gathering. A pause. And the promise that Light will always come back again.