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My Lens

And She Did

Roni Delmonico

It was June of 2015 and a storm was fast approaching. A lone woman drove into the parking lot slowly, and turned off the ignition, sitting still. Her hands were on the steering wheel and she leaned forward until her forehead touched it too, tears dripping onto the floorboards and disappearing. She stayed that way for a long time, looking out over the vast expanse of sand to the water beyond. And she really didn't know how things could ever be the same. Her world had shifted that day, in ways that changed her drastically, irrevocably. But in truth, it had shifted long before that day. She thought about words... mere words. Personal responsibility, sin, grace, mercy, forgiveness... and they felt like palpable, breathing living things in her chest. Forever after, she would struggle to understand how the world around her would just continue on, unaware.

The waves came softly onshore, and she stepped out of the car to greet them. She stopped and stood beside an old picnic table and spoke to Him, but He did not respond... or so she thought. She curled into herself, climbing up and sitting on the table top, her feet resting on the seat below her. The thunder rolled along the edges of her silence and beams of light shot straight from an opening in the clouds to the surface of the water. She was the only one there and she knew the meaning of loneliness in ways she never had before. She said all that she had to say and then she quietly picked herself up, and turned back toward the parking lot. Black clouds surrounded her everywhere, but she raised her eyes to the sky and directly in front of her was a rainbow, shooting out from the darkness and down to her car.

In that moment, there was nothing else to do but fall to her knees. And she did.