A Long Winter's Nap

Finally had to take the flowers out of their boxes today and bag them up. Found a tiny little bird's egg nestled in one box, no bigger than my thumbnail. I can't bear to throw it away so I put it in a baggie and put it in a little box on my end table in the beach room. Rest in peace little birdie. (Is that weird?)

Figured out that I'm pretty good with a skimmer - I did that whole pond all by myself today. How 'bout them apples? I guess if it has to do with water, I'm on it. Our storm is right on time. Wind is howling and the clouds have rolled on in. By this time Monday night... we'll be buried under at least a foot of snow. The koi fish are hanging out safe and sound, 11 feet under. I am going to take a glass of wine out to the hot tub tonight and soak some weary muscles.

Tomorrow, I'm breaking out the Christmas music and putting up some decorations so our Thanksgiving guests will be off to a cheery start for the holidays.  Feels like I'm tucking everything in for a long winter's nap.