A Heart That Notices

I think I've always had a tendency to notice the little things in my life. They really do matter a lot to me. This counter is where I stand so much of the time when I'm in the kitchen. The light streams onto the surface for much of the day and if I look up and to the left, almost all day long, the sun lays down diamonds on the water and they sparkle back at me. I can't tell you how much I love that.

How many days already, have I stood here, lost in my own thoughts? How many meals have I prepared, vegetables chopped, cheese grated, cakes stirred and poured, juices juiced. How many times have I offered up a prayer of thankfulness for it all? Enough? I don't think so. Not yet.

I left this cookbook out on the counter yesterday morning, intending to make one of the boy's favorite recipes because in our house... Happy Aloha Friday is the best day ever, for a little comfort food. I didn't make it back home in time to make it and it will have to wait til later this week. It's good to look forward to things.

Do you take the time to look around you at the little things that matter to you? Does the light stream in and land on the floor or the walls, just so? Do you treasure long held memories of food and family and anticipate the next time you will share more with them? Do you notice how your life glows?
I hope so. But if it's been awhile since you whispered thank you... maybe today will be your day. You don't need a big fancy camera, nor do you need a big fancy house.

You just need a heart that notices.