All We Do and All We Did... / by Roni Delmonico


Some things are very true...  Like how "food is memories."  Like how the song remembers when. Like how fast time goes by and how you should cherish every moment.  Like how hard you love in the time that you have.  And how hugely your heart expands with your table.

Mornings are so much quieter these days.

But dinner time?  It was always our special time.  For 6 years before kids came along, we made a point to eat dinner together at the table.  We were only in our twenties then and it was one of the first pieces of furniture we ever bought; a sweet little pine trestle table we picked out together from the Bloomingdales catalogue.  We thought it was so fancy and at $200 it was the most expensive piece of furniture we owned.  It had a knot in it that looked like an owl, two eyes staring up at us while we ate and talked well into the night.  Later, my son and his best friend rolled out Christmas cookie dough and dropped half of it on the floor, while eating the other half before it ever made it to the oven.  We played cards with our friends.  We covered it with paper tablecloths and birthday cakes year after year.  It was a welcome, sturdy, dependable gathering place for a very long time.  We eventually outgrew it and it landed in a yard sale, years ago.  I didn't know then... what I know now.

I find myself wishing that I still had that table.  That table means a lot to me.  It is part of our history. Wherever it is now, it still is.. I suppose.  It lives in so many photographs.  I hope maybe out there somewhere, some other couple in their twenties might be sitting down to dinner, laughing and finishing a bottle of wine at an old yellow pine table with the face of an owl in its surface.  Wise old thing.

We've got time that's all our own now... that  time has finally come.

That's how it is.  Yup.  That's how it is.