All You Have To Do... Is Listen / by Roni Delmonico

I've been "practicing" photography for about seven years now.  When you find what you are passionate about, it is amazing how you grow without ever realizing that it's even happening.  It becomes like breathing,  and if you take it away... the life goes out of you.  I never can explain to someone who isn't artistically inclined, how it is possible to actually hear an image in your head, but I do.  I try my best to translate that here, but I think it really is just one of those things you have to feel with your own heart.  I imagine this is why the movie August Rush is such a favorite with me.  They did an amazing job encompassing art, film, two totally different kinds of music, story, emotion, and heart all into a very enjoyable two hour time frame.  I mourn when the music is lost and I rejoice, when it is found again.  It resonates way down deep inside of me in all the most important places.  And Something Inside... keeps driving me on.

The things I left behind
Have melted in my mind
And now there’s a purity
Inside of me

I’ve been sitting watching life pass from the sidelines
Been waiting for a dream to seep in through my blinds
I wondered what might happen if I left this all behind
Would the wind be at my back ?
Could I get you off my mind... this time?
— lyrics by Chris Trapper, August Rush Soundtrack
...only some of us can hear it? Only some of us are listening.
— August and Wizard, August Rush, the movie