The Oddest Things

“My friends, the hardest thing, when you reach a certain level, is to stay fresh, day in and day out. The world changes very fast around us, no? So, as difficult as it is, the key to success is to embrace this constant change and move with the times…” …in a way that renews your core essence, not abandons it. To change for the sake of change—without an anchor—that is mere faddishness. It will only lead you further astray.” 
— Chef Piquot, The Hundred Foot Journey
But women - this I will never understand - they are touched by the oddest things.
— Richard C. Morais, The Hundred Foot Journey
A powerful thing, destiny. You can’t run from it. Not in the end.

I think I will stick with this soundtrack series for a bit and see where it goes.  I'm discovering new composers and listening to and looking at things in a different way, a way that is renewing  my core essence, rather than abandoning it.;-)  It's a good thing.