Humility and Healing

I've spent a lot of time with this map lately as I continue to watch what is going on in the world with ever deepening concern.  I run my finger over the countries of China and Japan as images of explosions and terrible storms rage behind my eyes.  I touch gently, the country of Syria and an image of a father holding out a handful of ballpoint pens he is trying to sell while clutching his tiny sleeping daughter against his chest just melts my heart.  I linger over Nigeria and Sierra Leone and I marvel at how it has already been a full year since stories of Ebola were all over the front page. I shudder as I hover over Iran, and a deal that may very well be my country's undoing.  And I ponder the tiny nation of Israel, its history, and how the fate of that country is so intricately tied to our own, here in The United States. Nearly one third of the Bible consists of prophecies concerning Israel and the fate of nations who have both supported and betrayed her in the past.  I pray we'll choose the former.  

I trace the fault lines running through my own country and wonder what lies beneath.  I stop on my beloved Hawaii and consider the three hurricanes currently spinning in the Pacific.  I close my eyes and think of sitting in a little church on the tiny island of Molokai, built by the hands of a man who did not dismiss the Word of God so easily.  A man to whom the Bible was a priceless treasure, a word he lived, far more than he preached.  A man for whom following Jesus meant something entirely different than showing up to church on Sunday morning and standing in line before service to get a cup of Starbucks coffee, settle into a cushy chair and listen to (or give) a feel good message that never bothers to mention words that make us uncomfortable - like sin, repentance, forgiveness, or suffering.  I think he would have understood the feeling in the room that day. >>>

I cried when I watched this video.  How have we come to crave all that is unholy, in preference to what is good and right in this country?  How have we forgotten our past and the principles we were founded upon?  And just what will it take to humble, remind and restore us in the future?