Veggies In A Sky Blue Bowl

There was a time in my life when putting a "simple meal" on the table meant a box of macaroni and cheese mixed with tuna and peas.  (And yes, it's embarrassing even admitting that but hey, I was young and naive.. it had protein, dairy, wheat and starchy vegetable after it was orange and green! - balanced meal, yay! ;-))

These days, simple means something entirely different.  I love to cook and I'm pretty good at complicated recipes that take an entire afternoon. Lately, though, I have found that using just a few fresh ingredients from the garden and presenting them in an appealing way, goes a long way toward satisfying hunger.  Zucchini, tomatoes, basil... they're like fleeting friends, aren't they? They just don't taste the same once the days get shorter and autumn's cooler temps chase away summer's more playful spirit.  I can't believe we are already into September!  

I've been adding a few food staging props to my cabinet, a little at a time.  I found this pretty little sky blue bowl at a thrift store for a dollar. Did you know vegetables taste even more heavenly if swirled together in a sky blue bowl? Now, if only I could buy more storage space at the thrift store too!  I never really gave much thought before to food styling but it's actually pretty fun and it's the one place I can get away with a touch of girlie decorating in this house full of manly appetites!   

Life has been so sweet lately.  Filled with people and things that matter to me a great deal.  It's been quiet and meaningful and loving.  I am so grateful for that and it fills me with peace as we head into a new season... and all its simple pleasures.

Recipe is here.:)  I just used walnuts in the pesto in place of cheese and sprinkled a handful of pepitas in at the end. (Pepitas are raw pumpkin seeds... lots of nutrition there!  I like these. :))