Farm To Table

Do you know where your food is coming from?  

Five months ago, the only honest way I could answer that question was... from my local grocery store.  Like most people I know, I thought very little about the source of my food and simply went to the store, once a week, on autopilot and picked up about $150 worth of the foods we had been eating for decades without ever considering where it actually came from or what was in it. I tried to be careful with our budget and shopped according to what was on sale, what got dinner on the table the quickest, and whatever "sounded" good. Then... I saw the documentary film, Food Matters and a video on YouTube titled "Meet Your Meat", narrated by Alec Baldwin.  (I do not recommend that you watch that particular video without full awareness that it broke my heart in all kinds of ways and places to see what we are doing to animals in order to feed our insatiable appetites. Awareness isn't always easy.  You've been forewarned.)  

It isn't my intention to preach on the horrors of factory farmed meat right now, though I can't promise that I won't get up on my soap box on this issue at some point in the future.  I do however, hope that you'll begin to actually give some thought to where your food is coming from and how it gets to your table. Now that my eyes have been opened to a few things I had no idea about, I feel a pretty deep conviction about doing something responsible with that information going forward.  

The best bit of advice about eating that I have ever heard is this:  Stop worrying about eliminating things from your diet, and start adding good things back in. It's simple really... toss fad diets out the window, eat real food in season, food that you can pronounce, and food that comes from a source you know and trust. (And yes, for my family that still includes pasture raised, grass fed, free range meats from time to time).

Our bodies were created to love certain things intuitively... connection to others, sunshine, clean water, fresh air, play, exercise, and nutritious foods full of micronutrients that are often missing in our polluted and depleted environment today.  But so many of us are severely lacking in some or even all of these things and then we wonder why we're often sick, tired, depressed and hopeless that it could ever be any different. But it can.  It really can.  

Knowing that the food you eat is grown with care for the environment, farmers, animals, and your own health will only add to your joyful experience.
— Guide to Good Food

It helps a lot, if you choose to change the way you eat.  I have been at war with food and I've had body image issues for three decades. I have never thought of eating as "the simplest joy we all have." Until now.  Now that I know where the food I am eating comes from.. how it is grown, how it is raised, and how it is prepared - choosing the farmers who bring it to my table for me in ways that align with the convictions of my own heart and truly appreciating their efforts to do it sustainably and humanely and with respect for the land and animals that feed us.  I encourage you to dig deeper.  

Do you know where your food is coming from and what is in it?

**A great free iPhone app to help you connect with locally grown food:  Farmstand App