Dear Jimmy

I met you on a beautiful summer day in 1994.  Full head of rich dark hair all disheveled and sticking up out of your head and looking surprisingly similar to the way it looked this morning, when you wandered out to the living room with a yawn and said, "I don't really feel older, mom." That slow, lazy grin never fails to melt my heart. I leaned into you, thinking quietly to myself... "I sure do."  You are now the same age I was when I moved 3000 miles away from home and ran smack into your dad. I thought I was so grown up back then, but looking at you now, I realize how much more growing up I had to do.  Don't rush it, son.  Take your time.

You are my firstborn and that makes you my gift today;  the very best one I've ever been given.  That day is etched so sweetly in my memory and it never fails to revisit my heart when we mark a new one with you on the 4th day of August.  It's not just another day to me anymore.  I felt your presence and heard your voice before anyone else in the rest of the world did, Love.  We'd have conversations over sweet cream ice cream sprinkled with bits of toffee and a chocolate chip or two at 3 o'clock in the morning.  You still love ice cream and I love it even more, though thankfully, you don't wake me up in the wee hours anymore to get it.:)  


This is a big year for you... moving into your twenties. So many wonderful things on the horizon and I promise I will be there for every single one.  Your life makes my life so much sweeter.  I don't know why, but when you were a baby, you loved the sound of Neil Diamond's voice.  We played his Christmas album well into summer and it always calmed you down. These days, you listen to Eminem, Linkin Park and Breaking Benjamin and I know you'd never admit to liking Neil Diamond but that's ok.. that's what moms are for! lol This one's for you, kid. I love the heck out of you and no matter how old you get, you will always, always be my kiddo.