Find Your Bliss

I was in a boat.  He was in a plane.  I had my camera on him and he had his video camera on me.  I think we were playing with each other and know what?  It was pretty fun.:)  I saw him coming a long ways off and I could clearly see him piloting that little plane in my viewfinder... he was just low enough.  I was laughing, wondering if he could see me smiling below him through his own viewfinder, thinking... what a perfect day to boat, while I thought...what a perfect day to fly. And I fully admit to hearing R. Kelly in my head and shouting, I BELIEVE I CAN FLY! ;-) just as he flew right over the boat.  I got away with it because my kids weren't with me.

Our viewpoints were very different, but we found common ground; one by looking down over blue water to see the big picture.. the other looking up to blue sky. What an uplifting feeling it was..  reaching out even in passing.. sharing a moment with another joyful human being who found his bliss.  And there's one thing I do know.  You gotta find it.. whatever it is.  Because without it, living just won't ever feel quite right.