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My Lens

Are You Glad You Have A Body?

Roni Delmonico

Osprey are among my favorite birds to photograph.  They're graceful, athletic birds that regularly practice hunting maneuvers in the sky and it's fascinating to watch them.  They are skilled fishers, and watching them pluck a large one out of the water with such precision can be really thrilling.  Often, they will carry their meal back up into the trees to settle in and enjoy their catch while still keeping a wary eye out for what's going on around them.  If you look closely, this one has a small fish clutched in his talons against the tree branch.  

I'm beginning to put together the images I want for the art show this year and I keep turning to photos of wildlife and flowers.  It has been such a joy to be out in nature, enjoying all she has to offer.  Hard to believe we are more than half way through the summer already, with football season and college move in days less than a month away.  I continue to marvel at the beauty around me and feel such a sense of gratitude.  I heard the best ever motivation for exercise the other day.  It basically said, Quit knocking yourself out at the gym and just move in a way that makes you glad you have a body.  Isn't that an awesome way of looking at exercise? Photographing nature makes that so easy for me.  I'm thinking about all the animals around me that move daily with such ease.  They aren't running on treadmills or lifting weights... they're stretching their wings and flying, practicing Osprey zumba in the sky, running, hopping, climbing trees, playing.  It wouldn't hurt us to do a little of that too. (Let me know when you practice sky zumba.. I want to photograph that!)

What makes you glad today... that you have a body? (ahem... keep it G rated here but sure, you can appreciate that too!;-))