Turtle Talk

Female snapping turtle returning to the river after laying more than two dozen eggs and burying them on our shoreline on June 8, 2014.  If we can keep predators from getting to the nest, in about 75-90 days, I hope to photograph the babies when they hatch.

I wish you could have seen my face when one of the rocks down near my bench got up and started walking towards me.  There is never a dull summer day on the river, that's for sure!  For a snapping turtle, I must say she was rather agreeable.. though that may be because she was a wee bit preoccupied.  (Dear God in heaven, thank you for giving me one at a time!)  I've been on this earth for 48 years and I've never witnessed a turtle laying her eggs while sitting right beside her.  When she was done, she got up, walked straight into the river and swam away.  I was like... Wait, what?  Get back here... who's gonna protect these babies?!!  

Pretty sure the boats going by thought that I was praying because it was Sunday but I was really just talking to turtles cause that's how I roll.:) Not quite as cute as sea turtles... but when they hatch I'm naming at least one of those babies Crush.. just sayin.