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My Lens

Let It Be

Roni Delmonico

If anyone had told me even five years ago that I would walk out into my backyard and be able to observe eagles in their natural habitat right here in Central New York, I would have looked at them like they had 7 heads. This past winter, I watched them almost daily for months, but I was never able to get down there without scaring them away and it was too cold to stay vigilant about it for very long.  I may have to invest in some clothing that makes that more possible this coming year.  Now... if I happen to be down at the riverfront at just the right time, I can see them from an even closer vantage point, and it never grows old.  They're incredibly beautiful and I dream of a day when one comes flying to me, just as the Blue Heron did a few days ago.  I've yet to get what qualifies to me as a "money shot".  I think I get so excited every time I see one, that I lose whatever knowledge is in my head about photographing wildlife! But the light was so beautiful on this morning, and catching it filtering through his wings that were fully open was such a gift... I think I'll share it, just the same. More and more I believe that perfection in a photograph is overrated.  We strip the heart out of images sometimes, by touching up here, fixing something there, adding light, taking it away, removing flaws.  

There is freedom in letting something simply be what it is.