Those Tender Moments

Sometimes, there is a space where the silence between two people is deeply comfortable. For me, it was born when they handed this child to me... in those tender moments when I first came to know him face to face.  It has been the sweetest gift every day since. The privilege of being his mother is something that I will never ever have words strong enough to match. I suppose that is one more reason to be so grateful for this camera.  


Today is his last day of school before summer vacation and we always straighten his wild, curly head of hair for the occasion.  I love that hour and a half with him in the wee small hours of the morning.  It's a special time that belongs only to the two of us.  He is such a creature of traditions... they are really important to him. Later, we'll go pick some strawberries and dip them in chocolate and stay up really late on a weeknight watching a movie.  He was filled with laughter and joy and peace when he walked out the door with his dad awhile later. That was such an awesome way to start my day. Next year, he will move on to the high school and I have a feeling the next few years are going to fly by.

Time... is so precious.