God Knows That Shifting Gears Ain't What It Used To Be

Last weekend, we took a drive just for fun.  Do you ever do that anymore?  Remember when we used to crank the windows down by hand? I think I'll do it again this weekend. I wish someone would send me a letter that had a stamp on it and took three days to get here!  And because I wish that, I think I will do that, for someone else.  Send me a private message with your address if you'd like one.  Then be on the lookout.;-)  After you get it, send one to someone else. (My address is at the top there.. just sayin.') See... maybe it's not so hard to shift gears, after all!  Don't be shy! Even if you don't know me personally yet, wouldn't it be nice? Sometimes, I really do miss the days when things weren't so automatic. (Hit the play button on the photograph.  It's sweet.)