Wrestling Some Big Ass Crocs

I am learning to meditate.  I have to be honest and say.. when I first began, it was every bit as not pretty as that scene in Eat Pray Love when all Julia Roberts can think about is how to decorate her meditation room.  I get that.  Mine was lavender and pink, with sheer white curtains blowing in the gardenia and plumeria scented breeze and there may have been a little squirrel in there trying to distract me.:)  SQUIRREL!

But listen to me.  I believe in this.  I believe that healing begins in the mind.  That mind is stronger than medicine.  That what my mind thinks about who and what I am, has a great deal to do with the way I behave and interact with the world around me, and even more importantly, with myself.  I'm changing.  From the inside out.  And I'm up to 3 minutes. SCORE!  Why do we work so hard to train the body, and then completely ignore the soul?

Decorating within... I am.  WHILE wrestling some big ass crocs.  Hmm, take THAT... negative energy!