It IS Easy Being Green:)

I read something recently that really resonated. It said that we have forgotten how to listen to our bodies and that rather than focusing so much on eliminating things from your diet, you should instead, focus on adding in nutrients you've been starving for.  I loved that positive spin. The assumption is, that as you learn to listen to your body again, and give it what it needs, eventually, you will start craving things that are healthy.  I have to be honest, when I first read that, there wasn't a cell in my body that believed it.  But I loved the philosophy and so I tried it anyway.  It actually does work and it is easy being green if you have a little guidance when first starting out.  

I recently discovered these adorable gals and I love a challenge so when I read about their 30 day green smoothie challenge, I decided to try out one of their recipes and see what I thought.  It was surprisingly good and was loaded with wonderful nutrients from spinach, pineapple, coconut water, mango and just a bit of banana.  I've decided to join their challenge which begins on July 1st and would love for you to jump in too. (Best of all, it's free!) Even if you change nothing else in your diet you'll be doing your body some good by adding in some things it needs.

Simple Green Smoothies