Teachable Moments

A few months ago, in my quest to eat healthier, I purchased a Vitamix blender.  It was outlandishly expensive but I justified the purchase because I actually use my blender often and this one can pulverize just about anything you throw into it and turn it into a healthy smoothie. This morning, I found a recipe for a mango dressing I wanted to try, but it only called for a small number of ingredients.  I thought, no problem, I'll just take the lid off and tamp it gently until it's all smooth.  Simple.. no problem, right? Yeah.. you know where this is going. But, let me just preface the next paragraph by saying that the thing sounds like someone is trying to land a jet plane in my kitchen when it's turned on full blast. And the tiny amount of ingredients I dropped in there didn't quite make it up to the blade line.  Mmmhmmm.

To my credit, I did have the lid on when I started it up.  But when it wasn't going well.. I thought I could carefully take the lid off and use that nifty tamping arm that came with the blender, to mush it around a little gently and coax the blades to pick it up and run with it from there.  It really only took a nanosecond to realize that was a bad idea.  I quickly shut it off, but not before I launched mango, balsamic vinegar, and a few other choice and colorful ingredients all over everything in its vicinity - my kitchen ceiling, walls, cabinets, all down the front of my shirt, on my face, and might as well make a hair conditioner out of it while we're at it.  To my husband's credit, when he walked out of the shower and found me standing there, wielding a shattered tamping arm, covered in my healthy breakfast ingredients, mango dripping down the side of my face.. he did not laugh.  He just blinked and said.. "I think we can buy a new tamping arm for that."  Ok, then he might have laughed.

I've always been the kind of mom that looks for teachable moments with my kids.  So what was the teachable moment for me here?  Well.. it was readily apparent to me how quickly you can make a dumb decision if you don't take the time to think it through carefully. That boundaries are there for a reason, usually because if you cross them, you're gonna end up getting hurt or at the very least, it's gonna get messy. (Keep the lid on!)  That sometimes laughter is a better choice than anger when you find yourself face to face with someone who made a dumb decision.:)  And that mango smells good in my hair but balsamic vinegar.. meh, not so much.

Life is an amazing journey made up of many tiny teachable moments.  I spend so much of it not paying attention sometimes in the rush to do what, exactly?  I look forward to warmer weather, where I can sit down by the river again in the sunshine but, I think this year, I'll do that more often without my camera or my cell phone.. just thinking. Listening.  Remembering.  So I don't miss a thing.