Do As Dreamers Do

I am so pleased that thanks to Angela August, Editor of EOS magazine, I am able to make the entire article on Reverse Vision available to you as a pdf file for download.  The article in its entirety was written by Andrew S. Gibson, author of The Evocative Image and several other eBooks offered through Craft and Vision. The photographs are my personal contribution to the article and I am delighted to make it accessible here for you to read .  EOS magazine is based in the UK and is available by subscription only in either digital or hard copy format.


Reverse Lens is my fondest passion.  To have been a part of this well written article as my first step into the professional world of photography, has been such a gift.  Many of you have asked me for tips and advice on shooting using this technique.  I highly recommend reading this article and then giving it a try.  

Download Reverse Lens PDF File