Bacon... Babe

Ah, it's February and here comes Valentine's Day.  Being the emotional person I am, I don't want to ignore the significance of the day, but neither do I want to commemorate it with something that is based around the sticky sweet commercial aspect of this way overdone holiday that is generally slanted toward women.  I wondered.. what would I consider to be the perfect gift? What would make me happy?

I started thinking about the people and things I love.  The ways love matter to me personally. It always comes back to Time.  Time spent talking.  Time spent cuddling. Time around the table eating,  and a tradition Jim and I started last year... time spent with a good cup of coffee (tea for him) in our rocking chairs out on the porch each morning before he leaves for work.  The day always begins with conversation over a good cupa' somethin'; about the kids, about what's happening in the day's schedule.  About the interesting things we read or saw the day before. About the unique things that matter to each of us.  That time is important, and it is cloaked in some creature comforts that just make it a little bit nicer and more appealing.

And that's when it came to me.  Now, those of you who know me well, know that I have thing for bacon. I know, I know, tons of fat... but you'll never win this argument with me. Take away chocolate. Take away ice cream.  Take it all away, but step away from my bacon!  

Around Thanksgiving last year I found this video that just cracked me up.  "Bacon makes you happy.  Bacon makes you smile. Bacon makes everything better.  So to get it on a monthly basis, delivered to your doorstep, is there a better gift than that?!!" Aha!  The perfect gift for Roni.  I just had to smile.  (I think I might have been a guy in a previous life). This video is so fun all the way through to the end.  I hope it makes you smile as much as it does.. me.:)))

I'm so weird.  Skip the jewelry, chocolate and flowers.  Are you paying attention?  Just bring home the BACON, babe. <3