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My Lens

Words That Heal

Roni Delmonico

In our house we have a tradition.  Every year, on December first, I put out a gold box that is shaped like a star.  In the beginning, it is empty, but at some point during the first week of the last month of the year, I fill it with candy.  No one knows when it will be, and I enjoy, so much watching the kids open the box each day wondering if this is it.. this is the day it will have something wonderful in it.  The day when they open the lid, and it is full to the brim of something delightful, is always a joyful day for me.  Such a simple thing, that brings them so much happiness.  Funny thing is... it's the anticipation that is most delicious.  I never imagined, when I started doing this, how large an impact such a small act would have.

This year I received a gift, given by two loving hearts that have become incredibly dear to me. There were four stones in the box, each with one word and a symbol inscribed on them. Meaningful, powerful words: Light, Protection, Healing, and Friends.  How blessed am I, that my friends understand the power of words and what they mean to me.  They do not need to number in the thousands.  In fact, the string of words that have had the most powerful effect on my heart this year, can be numbered on one hand. Out.. collecting... light.  And now, our star box will stay out all year, as a place to collect it.  When Christmas rolls around again, the box will have more than just candy in it.

This one word.. has become my resolution for 2013.  It will be the driving force behind what I share here.

L - Love

I - Inspiration

G - Gratitude

H - Healing

T - Trust