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My Lens

Making The World More Beautiful

Roni Delmonico

My nieces, Faith and Mariah, live far away from me in California.  I really wish they were closer. I often dream about reading to them and tucking them in at night, when they've slept over at Auntie Roni's house and we've spent the day painting and playing with playdough, digging in the dirt, baking and swinging on the swings.  I didn't have little girls and I feel like I miss a lot with them sometimes.

If I could read them a bedtime story tonight, it would be a story called Miss Rumphius. And once in awhile .... I just put things up on my blog to remind me, when I look back on them, of what was important to me on that day and what was on my mind.  This is one of those times.  If any of my readers have little girls in your life, maybe you can share this with them too.  I guess this is just my way of spreading a little beauty of my own into the world.

I wonder, my sweet girls, Mariah and Faith ~  What will you do to make the world more beautiful? Always remember, no matter how far away you are from me,  you shine your beautiful light all the way to New York, through your mommy, who is my one very best sister in all the world.  I love you very much ... all three! xoxoxo