Life Is Good / by Roni Delmonico

I am reading a book right now that was given to me by a very dear friend, who is a cancer survivor. It's called God Never Blinks  - and I love that title!  The author is a cancer survivor herself and on the very first page, she tells the story of a man she met as she pondered going bald during chemotherapy. His name was Frank and he wore a baseball cap that said LIFE IS GOOD.  She went on to say that life sure didn't feel good at the time and it was about to get worse, so she asked him where he got his hat.  He ended up giving it to her. That isn't what spoke to my heart though. What spoke the deepest truth into my heart this morning was this. He lives by a very simple creed that consists of 2 words. GET TO. Instead of living his life with a daily attitude that is characterized by the words HAVE to, he chooses to live in a state of gratefulness. By changing one little word, he makes a giant change to his mindset. What power there is in that! What incredible, amazing, intense power there is in what we say to each other, and in what we say to ourselves. 

Instead of I have to get out of bed.. I get to.  Instead of I have to go to work... I get to. Instead of I have to pick my kids up and take them to practice... I get to.  

Exchanging one simple word for another one changes its power.

I know a man who lived his life by another great creed. He had a plaque on his desk that said only this.  What good shall I do this day? 

Today... I get to pass that on.  Life is good.