Happy and Thankful

Conversation between mother and son on Sunday..

Mom: But Jimmy, your school calendar on the website says you don't have school on Wednesday!
Jimmy: Mom.. I think I know my schedule better than you do. 
Mom: Honey, are you sure?
Jimmy: Mom, trust me.  I'll be home around 4 on Wednesday.  I know what I'm talking about. Just listen to me!
Mom: Sigh* Oookay.  I'll see you on Wednesday honey.

Fast forward to ten minutes ago.  Doorbell rings and the UPS man drops off a package. Mom takes it, shuts the door quickly and goes right back to the computer, barely missing a beat. Another knock at the door.  Seriously?  She opens it again expecting the UPS man and then her mouth drops open, her heart skips about ten beats and her son turns that slow, lazy grin on her, melting her into a puddle on the doorstep.

Hi mom. :)  

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  It just started a day early for me!