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My Lens

Finding Your Passion

Roni Delmonico

Almost three years ago now, I picked up a digital camera for the very first time and discovered a photo site called Flickr.  In all my wildest dreams, I could not have imagined the journey that would ensue, from that one single step. On this rainy Sunday morning.. a day when many of us will pause to enjoy a favorite American past time, my thoughts turn inward yet again.  This image is, for all the world.. a symbol of what photography has come to mean to me.  I was really lost in 2010 and had no idea what my next play would be, but I picked up this ball and ran with it, pausing only briefly to look back.  It was a total game changer for me.

It is so important to find your passion.  Your passion for people.  Your passion for work. Your passion for life.  For me, it has been the difference between simply existing, and truly living. It took me such a long time to awaken to that knowledge.  I pray I never fall asleep to it again.

Scott Kelby, I know some people will look at this as name dropping but your wife has taught me not to worry about these things. You both know my heart and I'd like anyone else happening onto this post to  know it too.  You asked me recently to let you know how it's going.:)  Can I tell you,  Carolyn Fahm said to me yesterday that it has been "the year of Roni" and that made me smile.  But everything great about this last year for me, all these incredible memories and the growth in my photographic work and even in me internally has been largely and directly because of you and Kalebra.  I really want to say thank you, because while I know you've made a difference to a lot of people out there, you've touched my life on a personal level and that means maybe more than you even know. I shouldn't blow the chance to tell you that.  When it comes to shooting football, you are my hero.  And when it comes to shooting life, you are still my hero.  Because when you lay the camera down and go home, when the spotlight is off and no one is looking... I can still see so clearly, the picture of a life well lived.  And I am certain when you make it to the end zone, and the game is over and everyone goes home, you are gonna hear the words, "Well done, son."  

We are given passion and vision as gifts.  It starts with believing that. May we all run this race with that grace and conviction, driving us.