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My Lens

Rembrandt's Light

Roni Delmonico

In Rembrandt's lifetime it is estimated that he created around sixty self portraits... one of the most interesting, near the end of this clip. (My favorite is actually only a suspected self portrait in Storm on the Sea of Galilee, where it is believed that he painted himself in with the disciples and Jesus on the boat - look it up if you aren't familiar with it, it was his only seascape and it's absolutely beautiful. This stunning video (part 1 of 4) is wonderful and you can find all 4 parts on YouTube if you're interested in seeing the rest.  I will forever be fascinated and deeply moved by the passion that drove the great artists of old.  I wonder often if we've lost much of that passion in the noise of our digital age today and strive every day to keep it alive within me.