Instead, Learn To Breathe

I am always amazed at how different our view on the Seneca River is from minute to minute, never mind from day to day. I am reminded of a quote by one of my favorite photographers, David du Chemin. 

"Creativity is the path on which we walk. Looking for it is missing the point. What we seek is expression, and a means by which we can see something new, capture something unique, and show the world. Looking for creativity is like looking for oxygen. Instead, learn to breathe."

There is a little bench down by the river's edge where I go often to sit and reflect.  It rests under a weeping willow tree, and several old oaks that feel like my friends.  I can hear them whispering and it's a good sound, one I really love.  They tell a story, an age old favorite that we may have forgotten in the noise and rush of our increasingly technologically driven life.  Will you sit awhile and listen with me?  

Today, I will breathe.  And I will think about one more quote I have always loved. 

"Today is a new day... fresh... with no mistakes in it."

If we could wake up with that thought every day, I think we'd be well on our way to greatness.