Behind Every American Soldier

Behind every American soldier... is his mother.  She was there when he took his first breath, she held him when he cried, wiped the gravel out of his skinned knees, fed, clothed and entertained him, put up with his boyhood antics, stopped herself just shy of strangling him at times and stood by him when the rest of the world had already moved on to the next thing. She's been my friend for twenty three years and we know each other maybe better than anyone else in our lives.  I held this boy when he was just moments old.  He and my son have spent their entire lives together and consider themselves brothers.  I consider him to be the friend who sticks closer than a brother.

We were flopped on the couch in her living room one day when she decided she was on a quest - a quest to turn me into a country music lover.  I thought that was rather hilarious and I humored her, thinking to myself... yeah, fat chance sistah.:)  Then she introduced me to Toby Keith.  Rats! Now, I AM a country music lover thanks to her!  

This song was meaningful then.  How much more so now?  One graduating and heading off to college, the other heading off to boot camp.  But always.. brothers who know the road to home.